Previous runs not loading in "Recents"- can't track time improvement

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Recently took a small break after an injury. When I came back to Freeletics TJ Run Further, I can still see my previous workouts, but any runs- specifically runs and not other workouts- will not load. I get a little dotted circle but it never displays the run. I can currently review previous runs only back to May 15th. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but didn’t fix the issue.

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iPhone 12

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iOS 16.5.1

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First noticed it on 6/25/23

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In the linked recording, Linked Recording I open the first few recent runs just fine, but later I am scrolling down to try and open older runs. When the dotted circle shows up but the screen doesn’t change, I have selected one of the previous runs. Notice that the other older workouts, like Pushups, Athena, etc. open, it’s just the runs that won’t display.

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