Progression lost

Hello, I started using Freeletics no long ago, I had completed 19 sessions out 48 from Balance burn. Today I was just checking around, I wanted to check how it will be a run and burn training and when I went back to the original Balance Burn I find out all my 19 training sessions were gone and I back to 0.
Is there a way to get my session on my profile back.

No, If you start a new journey all you progressions on your old one is lost. But it should’ve also told you that when switching to another journey, so it shouldn’t be a surprise for you…

Oh, actually I just did the same to test it and is true that a message shows up. But it is very silly that it saved absolutely everything but the progression. This kind of things are making people to give up and try different apps.
I feel like I wasted 6 weeks.
Anyway thank you very much for the quick reply, I wont play around anymore :joy: