Training journey problem


I had completed about half the Strength & Stamina session in my current training journey when I went on a 4 week vacation. I didn’t train with the app on my vacation.

Back home I wanted to continue the sessions but when I opened Freeletics it said something to the effect of " looks like you haven’t trained in a while - do you want to restart your journey"? I clicked the button and all of a sudden all my previous completed session were gone and back to zero? I wanted to continue where I left off - how do I get that back? I’m pretty frustrated at the moment…

You restarted - there is no way back.
I never saw this dialogue myself - but I guess something like “Wanna restart your journey?” should be clear enough what happens when accepted :person_shrugging:
But try to see it like a special extended version of your journey - you won some extra sessions :partying_face:

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I interpreted “restart” as continuing the journey after an extended break not starting all over again. This should be much clearer in the dialog/app as to what happens. Furthermore there should be a way to revert to the previous configuration should I wish to do so… It shouldn’t be so difficult to do since everything is in the cloud. Just a matter of changing code…I sincerely hope this will be changed in the app.

Yes - I did indeed “win” some extra sessions :smirk:

Your training process concerning skills isn’t lost. You just restart your journey, beginning with the assessment week. In terms of exercises: in case you mastered your first pullup before your break, your absence (no matter of restarting or continuing your journey) will cause the algorithm to scale a bit but not much down to e.g. assisted or jumping pullups to rebuild your strength fast in order to remaster the pullup. You won’t start from scratch.

well in german it was pretty clear what would happen…

Can you show what happens when in english?

No I can’t show what happens, I can only translate… I saw it a few weeks ago after a training pause myself.
It says: “you had a long pause in training, do you want to start over?
Yes, start current journey again
Yes, start another journey
No, continue with this journey”
After clicking on “no, continue with this journey” nothing changed for me and I’m back where I left my training

Hello, this is what’s displayed in English