Remove exercices with high jumps


At the start of a session, Freeletics lets you choose not to run and suggests other exercises. It would be useful if it were also possible to choose to avoid exercises with high jumps. I injured my ankle a few months ago and, even though I’ve recovered now, I feel that high jumps are too much for me. It’s too violent for my ankle.

This type of injury can happen to anyone, and this function would enable a smoother return to sport. And it would be much easier than manually excluding all exercises involving high jumps (I don’t even know if it’s possible, I think there’s a limit to the number of exercises you can exclude).

On a broader level, you could imagine a system for managing the most common injuries (ankles, wrists, etc.). You’d choose your injury and Freeletics would suggest suitable exercises.

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If you are finding them too difficult, please substitute them for “Jumps” next time, and give the Coach negative feedback at the end of that interval/workout to let it know you were not able to do them. The only way the Coach learns from you, is by you telling it whether you were able to do an exercise easily or, conversely, whether you were not able to do it. Of course you can also exclude exercises on certain Training Journeys.

Please if you are reading this and have an injury, stop using the app. The type of HIIT offered by Freeletics is not suitable for Athletes either with an injury, or in rehabilitation from one. It is also in our terms that you must be in a good state of general health. The app is designed for people in full fitness, it should not be used as a rehabilitation tool.


OK, thank you for your reply. So I have to tell my coach that I don’t want to do high jumps at the end of a workout. It wasn’t that clear to me, I was expecting a more direct way of telling him. But what you’re proposing is undoubtedly more modular and saves you from complicating the interface.

As for the injury management system, I understand that this isn’t Freeletics’ objective, it was just an idea. But I’ve also read comments from people - I think it was on Reddit - who, to avoid high jumps, use the ‘I need to train quietly’ function. So these people haven’t understood how to avoid a certain type of exercise either.

Anyway, congratulations on your app, which I’ve been using for almost two years now !

But negative feedback would encourage the coach to re-give that exercise even more often, doesn’t it?
Like “you can’t? So here you go: train!” The number of reps would possible be less but the exercise itself would still be in coach sessions.
Wouldn’t it be better (because this exercise produces pain) to exclude High Jumps in general?
Unless (in this case) the ankle doesn’t hurt anymore while doing them.


The Coach will always want to try and progress you, but if you are giving negative feedback to “High jumps” the rep count will lower, and then get to a stage where it moves you to “Jumps”. Of course if you start giving +ve Feedback to the Coach for “Jumps” then it may think about Progressing on again.

Very similar thing to most exercises, one that comes to mind would be Pushups. If you are giving the Coach negative feedback, you’ll find yourself getting Knee Pushups in your sessions instead.

If High Jumps are causing pain, you probably shouldn’t be training until you see a doctor :+1:t2:


Just a note, doing this via Coach feedback ensures that when you can do them, they start coming back in to the training pool.


Giving feedback makes sense when you are progressing to a new complexity level of an exercise and may have not mastered it yet. I did not find that confusing when I started.

However, for your case, I would suggest to use the ‘Excluded exercises’ option. Check Coach > Settings > Excluded exercises.

It is true that if you exclude an exercise this way, it would not start coming back to the training pool, unless you remember to re-enable it. But on the upside, this way you can exclude it immediately.