Turn off exercises after injury

Is it possible to tell the coach that I can’t do certain exercises after an injury.?

I broke my wrist 6 weeks ago and wanna start training again but most of the exercises are using both hands. Like push-ups, assigned lunges, table twists and many more.


Hi @Zerant , yeah you can deactivate any exercises in the Coach Settings


Yeah that I know. Burning am looking for something like a preset, where I can tell „can’t use my hand“. So I don’t have to disable them one by one.


Hey Zerant :wave:t2:

So, the app really isn’t designed for such cases, which is why we will always have to tell Athletes not to use the app if they have such an injury. It really is designed for people in full health, and shouldn’t be used if you are either injured or in recovery/rehab from such an injury.

If you are still in rehabilitation after such an injury, and can’t use your hand-please do not continue to use the app as you could cause yourself more harm which would further put your recovery back.



Yeah that’s true.
Still I am bored. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

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