Restore the App for AppleWatch

Please bring back apple watch app. That was one of my favorite features of Freeletics.


Please bring back the App for AppleWatch. It was really useful and incorporating the workout in the Apple health was so useful and it motivated me a lot over the years.


Im kinda sad about this, im a freeletics user for over 3-4 years and I always dreamed about using an Apple Watch to do my workouts and runs. I bought one just like 1 week ago and now im seeing that they just deleted the Apple Watch app. That’s a really bad move.

I don’t know what’s happening inside Freeletics, they are changing for the BAD. The new app colours doesn’t let you read properly at distance compared with the older black and white layout with a really high contrast ratio. The typography can’t be read properly in subtitles from 1-2 mts. and I can’t finish the workout properly, what happened with the last swipe?

A lot of bad design decisions have been happening lately. I would love to help you guys, if you need a hand from an experienced UX/UI designer im here. Give me the job to redesign the Apple Watch app and I will do it.

I can’t understand why they are just shutting down the Apple Watch app for just “making your own training session”. Freeletics moto was supposed to HELP YOU WITH THAT USING AI. I don’t want to make a program by myself, I just want to open the app or use just use an Apple Watch for doing my runs and workouts.

Im a freeletics lover but my heart is being broken by all this little things summing up.


Hey Raùl,

Have a look here, Freeletics is looking for an iOS Developer. Maybe you can indeed help to improve the app and bring back the Watch integration.



Bitte bitte, bringt die Watch App zurück. Es macht einen extremen Unterschied ohne die Watch zu trainieren, wenn man sich erst mal daran gewöhnt hat die Übungen weiter zu klicken.

Es reicht auch vollkommen wenn nur die Übungen weiter geschaltet werden können. Starten und beenden kann ich das workout gerne auf dem Telefon. Während der Trainingseinheit ist es ein hoher Mehrwert nicht ständig ans Telefon zu müssen.

Also, bitte bringt sie zurück.


Yes Please Restore the app!!! We all need it!!!

Please restore! I bought an Apple Watch for Freeletics!


I noticed this week that the Apple Watch app was missing and now that I started using Freeletcs again I really miss it. Please, bring it back as it helped a lot of athletes.

Please bring the Apple Watch App back!

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So did I! 3 years ago.

And since you removed it, I damaged two iPhones! For real! I am THAT clumsy. Not having to carry my phone was great… especially when training in “street workouts spots” where items such as phones get stolen easily…


Please bring the watch app back!!! We really miss it and it made training much more easy and fun. Freeletics used to care about that… I really want to see that you still care about what your community wishes for…

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Please consider investing into apple watch support. Training with watch much more convenient. In my gym there are no places where I can put my phone, so I need to walk a lot to mark my exercise, it’s not convenient and frustrating.
Also I would like to see that app utilizes information from the watch to adapt my training plan.


I would love to but I’m not an iOS developer :frowning:

8 years Freeletics user, level 126. Freeletics has been my fitness app of choice for a LONG time. Removing the watch app is hugely disappointing.

Is there a time line on releasing a fixed app? That would be preferred to other updates for me.


Same here! It is my first year with the Freelatics app. I like the app, but I am not happy with the removal of the app from the Apple Watch. I will switch to an other app when this will not be restored.

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please restore, thats the only reason I did not renew my subscription

Please bring the Apple Watch app asap. It’s annoying to use the app on phone every time. Else cancel my subscription plan and I’ll never come back.

Please bring back these connectivity with Apple Watch. Measuring the heart rate is important to understand better the intensity of exercise and the impact on cardiovascular system!

I’m convinced the developers do not use Freeletics themselves. If they did, it is impossible to believe that they don’t see the necessity for the Watch app. The only scenario I can see is if employees are all getting complimentary Staedium packages where they have the same functionality. With over 50 million users and being one of the most expensive workout apps on the market, it makes no sense that they cannot devote resources to maintaining a simple remote control app. There are apps out there that are run by much smaller teams that cost a fraction of what Freeletics does that manage to have a working Apple Watch app.

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