Running or TRX. Which one?

Guys, I have been using TRX and Running to complement my Fitness Journey.
Which of those your use more frequently and it should be part of the Freeletics app?

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Hey Sergiej :wave:t2:

TRX is something that does come up occasionally as a “wish” from Athletes, but really not in any large numbers when compared to those asking for Resistance Band, Rowing or Cycling integrations. Personally, and this really is my own very personal pov, I would love for us to get to a stage where Cycling is integrated more :joy:

I’m a bit confused about the “Running” part of your post though-there is Running integration available in the app for almost all Training Journeys. Have I maybe misunderstood this part of your post?

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Cycling and/or MTB would be awesome!

TRX pls.