Say Hello and introduce yourself!

hello everyone! …I’m looking for someone to invite me to use the app, and being able to sign in through the Freeletics invite program makes it possible for your friends and family to get 30% off their initial Coach subscription, and also rewards you with a Freeletics Essentials gift card or Coach membership voucher

Hi @s11 and welcome to the forum.
I asked one of my community members for an invite link. Here you go:

I have run out of Freeletics videos to watch on YouTube so I thought I’d sign in to the the forum to say hello to everyone, I’m Chris and I am on day 3 of ‘HIIT and Run’ after successfully completing the ‘Start Strong’.

I really like the training and testing myself. The coach somehow seems to be very intuitive and delivers what I feel I need each day. Tomorrow I have a 2km run which I’m looking forward to, I hope I can run it all without stopping. If nothing else, by the end of this journey I’d love to be able to do Assisted Stand Ups - it looks so easy but is so hard, why is it so hard!?!

Even though I don’t have any followers I post my thoughts on each workout and take a photo so I am looking forward to the future when I’ll be able to look back and see my progress.

I have been going for one month and feel stronger and I’m really happy to be part of the Freeletics tribe. Clap, clap!


Welcome @chrisdryland

Great to have you in the community.

We all started somewhere thinking, why is it so hard. The exercises get easier and once you manage to do the Assisted Stand Ups the next challenge is just around the corner… and you will ask yourself again why is it so hard^^

However, keep your setting as for the 2km run. I do it similarly, saying to me if others can do it, why should I not be able to do it.

Cheers H

Thanks and hello H!

I’m totally trusting in the process, as long as I avoid injury while I inch forward with progress I’ll be happy :pray:

Hi everyone, I am Sofia from Barcelona :wave:

Training since 2014, training with Freeletics since 2020.

I love experimenting with different sports and activities, but Freeletics has been one constant for the past 3+ years, and it resonates with me more than anything else.

It is amazing that although every year I get older and am faced with new problems, I am able to say, year on year, that I am in my best shape ever.

I would love to be involved with the community more, or even meet fellow free athletes in Barcelona and train together :raised_hands:
I’m in the Freeletics app as Sofia Bcn and on Instagram as @


I’ve followed you!

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Hi I’m Richard and I live near Leicester, UK.

I am about to start using Freeletics for the first time.

I am currently in the middle of a 6 week recovery period after an Op and decided that I needed to work on building a more rounded fitness. I am a keen cyclist, but feel that I need more focus on general strength.

I can currently only do walking, but am preparing once the consultant gives the green light to get fully stuck into Freeletics.

Bring It On :slight_smile:


Hi! Jen here. Brand new to this and looking forward to building strength and feeling fit :grin::star_struck:. Just got to get through the initial pain barrier to the enjoyable part :see_no_evil::weary: :pig: :christmas_tree:


Hey Jen, a big welcome to Freeletics! :wave:t2: Enjoy it :muscle:t2:


Happy New Year 2024​:sparkles::boom::sparkles:
I’m excited to start a new Freeletics Journey and get back in shape :muscle:
Greetings from Germany :de:


Nice one Flex! If you are looking for some inspiration take a look at a couple of the stories below :point_down:t2:


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Sup guys! I’m Adrian from Poland. I started my journey with Freeletics 3 weeks ago. The app is awesome I’m really impressed with all features!
In the near future, I will share my transformation :slight_smile:


Hello. I’m Oliver. i’m 51. i live in France near Limoges. i started my programm 15 days ago. If you want to share with me your experience, no problem !
i’m hearing from you very soon.


Please do! We’d love to see it :fire:


Hello Everyone…

Hello everyone. I am Michael, and I am a Canadian living in New Zealand. I have used the Freeletics app off and on for a few years. I used the gym and played squash in my 20s with some cycling too. Now, I am older and have been back at the gym for about 13 or more years. I have used the app for bodyweight exercise to supplement my gym workouts. I have used the app lately for one of the training journeys. I like the extra movement I get in through using the app.


Hello, it’s great to know that there is a forum.

My name is Andres Vargas, I am from Colombia. I have been using Freeletics for about 3 years. It is the best app I have found. I always recommend it.

Best regards.


And a big welcome to you Andres :wave:t2:

That is amazing to hear-thank you for your support!


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