Say Hello and introduce yourself!

Hi! Thanks your kind messages. Still commited!

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nice forum!


I’ve been using Freeletics for 3.5 weeks without missing a workout. My last workout 3 days ago, I finished the workout fine. I woke up the next morning in serious pain in my hip/groin. I don’t want to stop working out. I go to the doctor tomorrow, but was wondering if there is a way to change my workout routines to eliminate lower body for now, so I’m still getting some sort of workout in. I looked in the app and couldn’t find a way to disable lower body workouts.

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Hi, I am new to the Forum, thanks for this great community!

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Hi, I am new to the Forum, thanks for this great community!

Hi, my name is Kerry and I’ve just popped on here to tell everyone that I’ve FINALLY managed to do standups after 3 weeks of trying!:joy:


Feel so much stronger already after just 3 weeks of the app.

I do have a question though, i cant figure out how to see my exact journey start date and the whole journey so far- is there a way to do that?



Hi this is Abrahma from Peru!

Nice to meet you all!

Hey! This is Felipe from Colombia!

I’ve tried everything since I’m a hard gainer and I was hardly getting good results but since I discovered freeletics I started to noticed real changes! I’ve been using the app for 3 years now but it’s my first time in the forum :blush: so I’m glad to be here! Hope you guys are having a great journey too! I’ll leave my username here!