Skill progression questions

Hi FL,

Some questions on the skill progressions:

  • I already completed the Leg Raises weeks ago but still the coach assigned a Leg raise progression yesterday. I deactivated them so they won’t be assigned but wouldnt it be better to have them listed as completed?
  • Current active is strict pullup. That one starts with negative pullup (which in itself is a bit weird since Milestone list goes shoulder pullup - pullup- chin up - strict pull-up). Is there a way to progress faster in the progression? I can easily do 15 neg ones. Now i have to wait for the coach to assign them and do first 3 then 5 etc. Would be nice to just tell the coach to do 15, and when you feedback perfect technique you can check the milestone and move on.


You can select them via Explore Tab - Exercises and perform 10 or 25. The Coach will take this into account.

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Worked! :+1:

I’ve tried this with single unders for the double unders progression but it didn’t work. I did 50 single unders through the Explore tab but the app still gave me 20 single unders the next day as a progression as if I never did the 50.

Sometimes it needs more time and data than just one day or just one logged exercise.
As the rope exercises were published, I did >1000 Single Unders /Alternating Leg/Boxer Skips weekly for a month. Coach never gave these exercises to me but moved directly to Double Unders.

In my case i needed to do something to have the coach adapt the session. Such as adjust training days, equipment or something, after that it picked up the completion.