How to complete skill progressions

I am on the first week of a new journey. There a number of skill progressions for which I can already do the final skill (e.g. pushups) but I cant figure out how to have that reflected in the app.

I have done multiple “perfect form” sets of both Knee pushups and full pushups, but that hasn’t moved my milestone forward.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Daniel :wave:t2:

Ok, so the first thing is that you should not really compare what exercises the Coach is giving you in other sessions compared to what you see in the actual Skill Progression.

What this means is that, although you may be assigned pushups in Coach workouts for example, you have not done demonstrated to the Coach frequently enough and to the degree necessary to more on to the next step in the app.

If you are a new user, in the first week of Training Journey, my advice here would be to be patient and to enjoy your regular training. The Coach will quickly move through your Skill Progressions as you go along :+1:t2:


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