Small button to close workout

Thanks for the explanation Ben, appreciate you taking the time to explain. I kind of understand the rational, but have a feeling that it is sadly a wrong move, consistency is key, and by adding the button (a rather small button) it creates a real user dissatisfaction, as shown above. I know some people new and old will just continue without giving feedback etc. But as a user of something like 8 years now, this was the first time I felt so strongly that you had made the wrong move. Why can’t the final screen become a large button in itself, maybe you apply a different colour to indicate that it’s the final exercise and then all you have to do, like with all other exercises is click or swipe on the screen. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a software engineer, but if the goal of the button was to improve user experience, then you need to look at it again, either make the button big, like half the screen, or just go back to the lovely version previously in great working condition, pretty please


@Ben so any update on when we get rid of the button and go back to the better solution, it’s so annoying now that everytime I do a workout, I am getting pissed off, maybe I need to work on my mental strength, but my workouts are a time where I get out of my head and just workout. Now I find myself irritated and frustrated each time I use freeletics. Have no issues with any of the other updates, but this button, just doesn’t make sense for the reasons u have given, can’t see why it’s been done :sob:


I feel with you Chenhen91!
Freeletics made me so unbelievable prod, so many years, but now it make me frustrated. This small button destroyed so much, that i can’t believe it.
And of the reactions from the moderators and admins here i only feel kicked.

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@Smudobub crazy how one little button makes so much of a difference. I have been thinking about it, as that’s all I can do when working out. I see the only time the button is of use, is when doing a interval workout, where there is no PB avaliable. The whole premis of Freeletics is to be better than ur previous self. Well I could have been multiple times, but I couldn’t press a small button on my phone, so I have missed a PB, leading to de motivation and frustration. I would love to know how many people had made a complaint about having to swipe or press the screen to finish the workout, which lead them to this awedul idea? I think the solution should be a button which covers at least half of the screen, that way they have their button, but we as users don’t have what we want as well. I also now experience issues of performing a phone swipe action, so for me on Samsung, the up swipe on the bottom of the screen displays all the apps I have open, adding to frustration :sob: @Ben would love to hear some more feedback from you or someone who had involvement in this mistake in development as I think we all feel let down right now

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So a month later of using this button, I’m absolutely familiar with. No problems anymore to end a Workout. Although being halfblind on my right eye and a need of glasses in my daily life.
It was the confusion at the beginning which disabled me to end a Workout with one tap.


Habituation here or there …
One thing remains a major shortcoming and that is the situation, that somethimes the button don’t reacted instantly and you push it twice, because you are not sure if you catched it or not. But the phone remember the second push and you confirmed the feedback without you edited it and it isn’t able to correct the feedback …

Hi Henry :wave:t2:

I’m a bit confused-we haven’t said we would be doing this :point_down:t2: Just for clarity, I don’t want other people reading this and taking away an understanding that we are changing this. We have no plan to do so at the moment.

We’re keeping an eye on the topic, but from our regular ongoing research, we don’t believe this button is having a negative impact. Of course, with any change, some people will like it, others won’t, and some will be fairly neutral. We are fully aware that not everyone will like every change that we are making to the app currently, but again we’re working hard on improving the experience for everyone.


Hi @Ben sorry I was being sarcastic, sadly I know that it’s not going away from the button for now, sorry anyone who read this and got excited! Totally understand pal, and genuinely I have never felt the need to even come on the forum to say anything, having been around since I think one of the first versions I have seen quite a few changes, this being the one and only one that I 100% see a mistake, as you say, it’s all under review and updates will happen, so will keep my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: cheers

@melaLetics hey man, yer I totally get what you are saying, I have now learnt to deal with the button, my question is not how we should be having to adabt, but why, you raise a good point that I hadn’t thought of and I’m not sure freeletics have, what does someone with a disability do, be that visual or physical. I would be interested if they have put that into the planning of this update, the app should be for everyone. I remember the great work they did a couple years ago promoting inclusivity which was so inspiring.

:joy: I’m usually pretty good with sarcasm but I must have had my radar switched off. Or perhaps I just hadn’t had enough coffee :see_no_evil:

We have been keeping a look at it, there are measures we have that would show us if it was causing a problem but so far, it looks pretty good to be honest.