Smart TV App or support horizontal screens

I think it would be great for training at home to have an App on Android TV. At least a horizontal Mode so you can use full screen when you mirror cast the app to your TV via Chromecast.


Would you like to rewrite a use case? I can’t imagine the point of such a feature.
I train online with my friends on a regular basis. In winter I often connected the laptop to my projector (because I had trained indoors) so that I could see my friends better when they were training. But to be honest, you just don’t have time to look at the monitor during training. And you may also twist your neck into an unnatural position (depending on where the projection surface is).
And only for the exercise videos, I think the integration of “big screens” is a little “over the top”, especially since you would actually look at them before training.
So I’m asking for a use case :slight_smile:
(Sorry, this is an occupational disease. When users want a change in a product, I try to understand why. Even if I am only a user, too - and not the developer)

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I’ve just wanted to write the same feature request. :slight_smile:
Use case is simple: I mirror my phone screen to my TV.
This way you can see much more better for example the stopwatch or the name of the next exercise like on the tiny screen of the phone. Music and sounds are also better via the sound system of the TV.
So I think this is an absolute valid feature request.
For me a good layout would be to see the excercise video on left and the counter or stopwatch on the right side with big numbers.
I think the horizontal layout itself would be useful for the same reasons on phone or tablet also.

Fully agree with the request. In my case, I do have Apple TV and would highly benefit from having a native Apple TV app where I could easily see in full-screen mode the exercises. My phone is too small to look at, I need to put it on a tripod close to me so I can see the exercises and follow the technique but then it’s easy to stumble with the tripod so I need to move it around adapting to what I am doing so I still have it at reach to tap to the next exercise. What I am doing now is screen mirroring with the Apple TV, nevertheless, the experience is a bit clunky because it has no landscape option and animations and sounds are clunky too. With an Apple TV App you could then use the remote control, which is super small and light to have it on hand and advance through the exercises when needed. You could also leverage by having for example instead of just one video with one perspective, one exercise with the shots from different angles, all on-screen, so you could immediately check your technique from all angles.

my use case: I do have a laptop, nevertheless its from work, I wouldn’t use it for private reasons to train, plus, I don’t want to unplug my laptop from my docking stating, bring it down to my exercise room, connect it to a cable, etc. I want convenience and I want to watch my exercises on a large screen, hence a TV app or at least a landscape mode would be beneficial. My wife is using a platform from Mexico called 54D, I must say, they have developed a pretty neat app with a great user experience, they don’t have Apple TV app but their app allows for landscape mode and when cast to the Apple TV works like a charm, you might want to have a look as inspiration/benchmark.

this would be a game changer for me, during bad weather and sometimes i just dont want to go out side i would love to use my apple tv to either mirror the phone in landscape or have a native apple tv app to use