New Experimental Feature for Android - Chromecast

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

We’ve been working hard trying to develop some of the features you’ve been asking for for some time, and we’re in a position to be able to release an experimental version for Android users allowing you to Chromecast your workout to a compatible device from the Freeletics app.

To find it, you need to access the “Explore all” screen from your “Coach” tab and scroll down to the bottom of the screen where you will see an option to tap on “Experimental Features” :point_down:t2:

Once it’s activated you should see a chromecast icon for workouts. From there everything should work as expected :+1:t2:

We’re relying on you to test it out and to please share your feedback on how the integration works!

If you don’t see it at the moment please be patient, it may take a couple days to roll out to you :+1:t2:



Mir fällt spontan zwar kein Grund ein, warum ich z. B. meinen Fernseher statt meines Handys verwenden wollen würde, aber: nice-to-have!


Are you serious !?!?

Who wants to cast on tv !? It’s useless…

Bing back watch remote !! Like Apple watch before


While seems to be useful, I’d expect an Android TV app to workout from home. My phone already lets me cast any content to other devices. Just saying…

We have done some initial exploring for TV apps, the problem with Android TVs is you almost need a different app for each brand of TV, it’s a very fragmented ecosystem. But you never know for the future :+1:t2:

The Chromecast feature works a bit differently from screen sharing-try it out and you’ll see the difference :+1:t2:


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Focus on stand alone apple watch app instead oh this dumb feature !

Hello Ben.

I was an enthusiastic Freeletics user for a long time.

I quit Freeletics as you didn’t implement one of the most asked feature requested by athletes: the weight indications for dumbbells and kettlebells in tj like the Hybrid Journey.

Considering how I was committed, I felt very sad switching to another app IA-driven but, after more than three years, it was the only chance.

I really hope you will consider this request. I will be a Freeathlete again once I will see the feature.



Hi, i don’t see the option “Experimental feature”.
My is updated to tje last version.

I have nothing…

Either try clearing the app caches or de- and re-install the app. That should do the trick.

Thanks for this feature!
I dont see the button. Reinstalltion didnt help. I think i have to wait a little bit.:unamused:
I cast every Workout to my TV. I hope this will bring a landscape mode. :blush:

Just to add my 2 cents: I also do not see any use for this feature. Development power could imho be spent better on other features…


I do agree. But to be honest, I guess not that much development power went into this the last months because it seems this was developed for STÆDIUM first and is now Integrated into Freeletics.
By the way a feature which was in fact asked a lot the last years :person_shrugging:


Hey Albert :wave:t2:

It hasn’t yet rolled out to everyone-please give it a day or two and then you should hopefully see it :+1:t2:


Hey Ben,
What’s so special about it?
if a phone can broadcast to a TV why do we need this feature?

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Nice to have, but…why?

What added value is this function supposed to bring? When I train outside or in the gym, the function obviously offers no added value. But even when working out at home, the added value would only be that I see the app in large. But this is not a real added value, because I want to train and not look at the animation. If you do a workout together, you could look at it together. But for that to work, both would have to be at the same pace, which typically won’t be the case.
…maybe I just don’t understand the point of this function.

Would be nice to see more features that are often requested in the community, rather than features that don’t seem to add value to anyone. The workout creator was great innovation, which was also demanded by many. Better statistics, for example, would be a function that I would find useful to be able to better meassure progress.


Hey Ben
Can I ask you a question about cattle bell exercise?

Hey @mark1998 :wave:t2: Sure thing :+1:t2:


Why chromecast to tv? To see the exercises large scaled? What a dumb decisions the team of freeletics make.

Why not this feature instead?:

“I quit Freeletics as you didn’t implement one of the most asked feature requested by athletes: the weight indications for dumbbells and kettlebells in tj like the Hybrid Journey.”

We want to progress as a user