Some improvements we ALL want to see

First thing first: Kudos for your great app! I really like it and use it daily.

I do have some suggestions for better use. I really do hope you’ll apply some of them ASAP.

Personalized training sessions:

a session is compiled with a warmup, a few intervals, and a cooldown.

After starting & finishing a segment (e.g. dynamic warmup), the screen is scrolled way back to the top and you need to scroll again to the next segment (e.g. an interval).

I suggest that after finishing a segment the anchor link will auto position me on the next segment. Better UX and UI.

Workouts (General)

I am a man, and the app did let me define it, but on several cooldowns, I get a female doing an almost impossible stretch for most man (e.g. Cow face arms with no towel) and it is frustrating. Is it possible to have the videos adapted to the gender and equipment we have?


I am from Israel, here, the first day of the week is Sunday and not Monday. Infact, almost 55% of the words countries start their week on Sunday

Please consider adding to the settings, the ability to choose the first day of the week.

Search and filter

Lets say I finished a session of my daily workout and I do not feel I had enough. I would like to have another workout:

  1. I already defined in the app my equipment. Why can’t I search with my setup as a criteria?
  2. If I go to "do something else → Explore all: I can filter muscle groups OR equipment base, but I can’t do both. That’s annoying. I would love to have the ability to multi filter criterial.
  3. I would love the ability to add a workout to my favorites.

What do you think guys?


Good points, except the mobility topics. Work on them, being a man is such a simple excuse :wink:
I can do them easily, but worked on mobility.
As we tend to work hard on our upper body, mobility and stretching is important.

Never thought about the calendar topic, but makes perfectly sense.


I get you, but gender wise videos are legit topic. I mean, yeah, you can work hard to become master yogi and perform some stretches, that my wife is doing with no effort just because she is a female.

But I’m looking to most benefit my gender, equipment, time window and such…

I’m not a master yogi, let me rephrase it.
If you are not capable of doing it, work on it, since your posture need some improvement than and that’s not a gender topic.

I mean how a man holding a towel would change your lack of mobility? It’s a great exercise no matter the gender especially after an upper body session.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not meant to be rude.

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I am sorry if I came off rude :frowning:
Not my meaning

You are right, we should try our best to be able to perform the drill at it best.
It is just that I don’t really know too many guys that can clinch their hands while doing Cow face arms (that is what you see in the demo video)
while the clinching is easier done by woman, as a man, it is hard for me even to attempt it.
But I get it, we should push ourself

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I can touch my wrist, right side is bit harder tho.
Use a towel as you already suggested.

Never got it rude, it’s just like I don’t like the mentality I’m not capable of doing something because of that.
Sometimes that’s considered as „rude“

LOL, got a new goal now

Hey gadudi,
I just wanted to give my opinion to your improvements and give mine too

I strongly agree with you that it would be very nice if the screen wouldn’t scroll all the way up always after a workout!

On the workout I don’t really agree. As a woman, I don’t mind seeing the training videos done by a man or woman as long I can clearly see their techniques.

The calender idea seems very reasonable and sounds like a minor thing to implement from the software perspective but a big improvement on those people training in the 55% of the world.

On the search and filter, I do agree, but sometimes I don’t feel like using certain equipment so there should still be the option to choose freely.

Last but not least, I’d be nice to set official goals for the end of a journey, that the coach could focus to some degree. Of course it should be reasonable, like don’t set a goal to gain strength when the journey is highly endurance focused.
Like I’d like to be able to do 1 push up or 1 pull up after the fit & active journey or - thinking of another topic → Marathon journey - #2 by TomG - being able to run freely for 15k or something.
I can still do that and work after the coach sessions on that, but I would be nice if the coach would be responsive to that to some degree :slight_smile:

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Thank you, and hello to you. :slight_smile:

Actually, I agree with all that you said, as you can see I had a discussion over this matter with Latarion and I came to agree with you both.

Regarfing the search and filter: ?I agree, you should be able to also search freely with no criteria.

as for your last suggestion, it is actually can be easily achieved if the coach will set a test bar before and after a journey. for instance: max pushups / burpees / pullups / whatever… before, and after a journey. your thoughts?


Do you use the skill improvement paths? You can activate sime for some basic movements like pushups or pull-ups. With this activated, the coach will assign you a specific skill path until you master this exercise.

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Hey Mela,
Yes of course I use those skill improvements, and don’t get me wrong, I think it’s awesome to have them! But sometimes I get maybe one of those in a whole week and that doesn’t quite cut it to build up the strength. They’re better in addition.

And regarding gadudi, that sounds more like a general overview of how the fitness improved instead of a set goal or did I get that wrong?
Also yes I’ve read your discussion :slight_smile:

I agree on cow face exercise. I was able to do it before but the more my mus les grew, the less I was able to do it. I cannot do it at all now :smiley:

Chiming in to say that this definitely not a universal experience. I might technically be a woman, but I’m really inflexible. I can’t even do the easiest of stretches with proper form (yet). So I don’t see how only seeing female athletes in the videos would be helpful to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact that you are inflexible and your wife is very flexible doesn’t have to be related to your sex. This is a common fallacy. (If your wife liked mint ice cream and you didn’t, I’m sure you wouldn’t claim that it’s because she’s a woman and you’re a man.)

Maybe it’s more likely for a woman to be flexible, but definitely not guaranteed.

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