Workout adapt session

Right now I have only 3 options:

  1. I don’t have equipment.
  2. I want to exclude certain body areas.
  3. I don’t have much time.

Please add the option to change difficulty as well as some time my coach create an easy or short session and I would like to workout more without the need to Explore other sessions.

I guess you are in an equipped Journey?
The adapt Option you requested already exists. Depending on Training Journey, some options are not available.

Amazing, so what I’m asking for is already implemented and its only a question of update for devs to fix it?

This is frustrating right now.
I log in to do a workout, I see total time of my daily is 30 minutes max and I want to workout for 1 hour at least.
Right now I need to start choosing other workouts to hit my marks, and I already wrote another topic about the problems the app has with filtering and exploring other plans to add to my daily.

Hope it will be fixed soon

I believe the point of MelaTecis is not linked a dev app version but more on the journey you have selected.
I’ve noticed that choices depend on journey, but honestly not sure to understand the rationale here