Store personal feedback

2 years ago it was possible to keep and write comment on our exercices WITHOUT sharing with the community. Now it is not possible to follow our progress for ourselves.
Humm who paid the app ? Why the maximum is not done for the client ? And how can we see our mmod, our level of progress.

I don’t want to share with the community (share my days of workouts, and where for security reasons) even if I consider that it is great but it is mot the only way to progress

It never was possible to write a comment without sharing - to not share is a relative new feature (since two years, I guess). I guess you mean having a private account so your posted comments are only visible to those following you. This still works.

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Thanks MelaLetics for your answer. I thought that 2 o 3 years before it was only for me but you probably know better than me.
My need is to have my own journal/comments without sharing as I don’t search to compete with someone else than myself (neither followers …) and for other reasons.

In this case you can switch your account from public to private:
Profile tab
→ settings (gear icon in right upper corner)
→ scroll down to Help&Support
→ Privacy Policy
→ toggle Profile & Activity to private
Not sure about the correct wording as my app is in German.
This way (perhaps you have to delete followers in case you have some you don’t want to share your posts with) no one but you and those you gave permission to see your posts can see your activities.

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