Before/After photos

Hello! Thanks ahead of time for your help.

Where can I save/log progress photos? I get notifications to take them but don’t see any option to save or access them.

Hi @gjoneswoodshed :wave:
Those photos are for yourself to see your own progress.
Most of the published ones in known channels like Instagram, YouTube etc are (as far as I know) users been supported by Ambassadors or participated in a bootcamp. But there are chances (if you have an IG account) that Freeletics repost your self-published pictures and stories.

Ok, thank you for your help. That makes sense. I thought it would be nice to have that as a private feature in the app along with all of my other fitness logs.

  • Garyn

Hi @gjoneswoodshed,
As MelaLetics said, the first purpose is for you to be able to see the change and motivate you further.
However, if you want to share them with us, or the community, you can do that.
Send me a DM if you wish that I forward them to the Freeletics Team.