Feature Request - Notes

Hi Freeletics Team,

I’ve got an idea for the app that might be useful for many of us. How about adding a feature where we can jot down private notes for our workouts? You know, stuff like which resistance bands we used, kettlebell weights, extra reps we did to failure, and other personal tweaks.

Right now, if I want to track those details I have to scribble them down somewhere else. It would be great to have everything in one place. Here’s what I’m thinking:

What I’d like to see:

  1. Personal Notes Section: A spot in each workout to add notes just for us – no sharing on the feed.

  2. Detailed Logging: Ability to note down specifics like:

  • Resistance bands used

  • Kettlebell weights

  • Extra reps or sets

  • Any exercise modifications

  1. Easy Access: Quick and easy to add and edit notes before, during, or after the workout.

  2. History View: See notes from past workouts to track progress and make adjustments.

Why it would help:

  • Personalized Tracking: Helps us keep track of our unique workout details.

  • Progress Insights: Makes it easy to see how far we’ve come and what to tweak.

  • Better Prep: Check notes beforehand to get our equipment ready.

  • Privacy: No pressure to share; these notes are for our eyes only.

How It Could Work:

  • Add a “Notes” button in the workout summary screen for adding and viewing notes.

  • Let us add notes in the workout setup screen, so we can prep ahead.

  • Show a little icon or summary on the workout history page to indicate notes.

  • Basic text formatting (like bullets and bold) to keep things neat.

This would seriously up the game for tracking and personalizing workouts. Hope you like the idea!



That’s a great idea imo

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Some other apps are available that have some of the features you mention.

I have some custom workouts in the Freeletics app. I also note my workouts down in a booklet at the gym. Periodically I update my saved workouts for progressions in weight and volume.

Not quite what you are looking for, but this is my work around. I primarily use the app for the training journeys and for home workouts from time to time.

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