Swapping a movement or progression option

Hello. My name is Diyar.
I have been using Freeletics since January. I chose the “Start Smart” journey. Even in this journey, I can not perform a few exercises, ex: Renegade Rows. However, I do not want to quit and adapt my session or my movement. When i adapt my session, whole session changes. My question is: Like progression section before the main session, (ex:progression to kettlebell snatches) is there any option that i can choose a movement and start progression on it? I do not want to give up on certain movements and i would like to train on them, day by day.

Hi @diyarileyl welcome to the Forum!

You can select a specific skill to progress towards in your Coach setting, under skill progression. However, I don’t think the Renegade Rows are included in these.
What I would do is, instead of adapting the whole session, take it at your own path and give the right feedback to the Coach at the end of the seesion. By telling it that your “couldn’t all the reps” of a specific exercise, the Coach will adapt this specific exercise for futue training session, whitout jeopardising the whole workout.
The Coach will include exercises that will help you improve your form for that exercises (example: plank shoulder taps, planks, plank switches), and it will include that troublesome exercise later to test you again on it.

I hope that helps!


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I will definitely try this one! Thank you so much for your quick reply!