UI & Feature Differences

I’ve been using freeletics for years now. I like the customization and configuration options a lot. Based on my recommendation, my wife just purchased a subscription this week, only to realize that she doesn’t have the choices I have access to for some reason.

See the pictures below. And light ones are from my wifes application, and the dark ones are mine.

  1. She can exclude exercises.
  2. No skill progression.
  3. no option for limited space/runs etc.

For adapt session options:

  1. No, “I want a different session.”
  2. No “Exclude certain body areas.”
  3. No “Change difficulty.”
  4. No, “I don’t have much time”
  5. No “Train quietly.”

What’s the reason for this difference?

I’m going to be honest if I can’t resolve this, she probably won’t stick with it and won’t renew the subscription like I do every year, which is a shame because freeletics, I know, is an excellent tool with versatility. I wouldn’t have recommended the app If I knew this was what she would’ve ended up with.

We’re both using iPhones. if that makes a difference: I have an iPhone 13, and she has iPhone 11 (I used to use this phone and these features were there)

The adapt options are highly dependent to the selected journey.
So what journey are you on and which one is your wife’s choice?

Ahhh, I could see myself and yes: these differences are related to the selected journey.

So she can’t change difficulty, she can’t exclude moves, or body parts if her legs are sore because she’s working with a kettlebell? That doesn’t make sense.

Some journeys - like kettlebell, dumbbell and bar bell ones - are indeed more restricted, yes. I think they’re working on changing that. Until then, it may be beneficial for her to change to a different journey :confused:

She can change difficulty, changing weight is always an option.
Excluding exercises (weighted are already limited) would make your training less versatile.
Why she want to exclude exercises in first place?

As already said, weighted journeys are more limited when it comes to change options.

Ahh, it’s you again. Excluding exercises is not as optional as you are so clearly convinced. When you suggested this on the Reddit post, I thought I made myself clear about this. Due to ergonomics, some moves are simply unavailable to some, if you’re not one of those limited people, good for you. And you know what, she literally just twisted her ankle yesterday, so it would’ve been great if she had this “exclude certain body areas” option like me.

Instead of trying to justify this random limitation, just recognize that it is
indeed arbitrary. I don’t get this pushiness of yours on multiple platforms by saying “well, you don’t need them anyway” when clearly the application has these features so there’s a use for them. I posted this so that potentially a product manager would see it and act on it.

No one is limited ergonomically, you can work on mobility or keep it like it is, that doesn’t mean the statement is wrong. Choice is yours.

No one is justifying anything, all above gave you an explanation why she can’t adjust as you.
Is it ideal? No, but an explanation, even if you don’t like it.

If she wants to be more versatile, she should take another journey and add barbell workouts due to her Limitation now.

You can use that part of the forum for feature request

You have no idea what you’re talking about. Check yourself…

Well I’m here to learn. Make your point and present details or link that proves your point.

You wrote you have deselected exercises because they are challenging, which is apparently something completely different than a limitation.

Here’s the truth from a fellow redditor.

“I‘ve done the Kettlebell Fundamentals a couple of times as well and had the same options as you for Hybrid Strength. My guess here is, that the Coach needs some data before giving the option. Different App Version shouldnt be the case, i guess.

But to just be sure, just write to freeletics support to be sure. They are very helpful (but need some time to respond). :)”

So, I guess that should teach some of us to not try to pass their guesses as definitive truths, huh? Let the freeletics people respond if you don’t know the answer, simple as that.

This assumption is wrong. Quick Adapt options depend on Training Journey and assigned exercises (You won’t have the “no space” option if you don’t have an exercise like Lunge Walk, as example).
If you could do Pull-Ups, Handstand Walk or lift the craziest shit with ease won’t enable a Quick Adapt Option.

So is this :slight_smile:

Don’t know why you talking people down, which are here to help.

If you now better than everybody else, so be it.
But get your shit together and stop being offensive. Thank you!

Not trying to talk people down, you need to understand that I absolutely LOVE this platform and do a lot to get people onboard. It is an incredible letdown to see features missing when I know they’re actually what makes this app great.

And here I am, trying to figure stuff out when people with official freeletics titles try to pass their bad guesses as truths here, and that makes me feel helpless as I can’t trust what people tell me anymore. If you don’t know what this is, then don’t tell. Why is that so hard? And you’re inviting me to be more self-aware, L.O.L.

I shared another users comment where clearly it is stated as a guess, and that was taken down immediately, but you guys are immune to that? Nuh uh.

Various people told you various time why this is the case. Still you insist it’s wrong and pull another user as a source.

If you trust no one here, send a message to the support and wait for an official response. Telling people they don’t know what they are taking about is not a behavior I would expect from someone who’s looking for answers.

Hey Onat,

Both the Settings and Adapt sessions options are highly dependant on the Journey that you are doing, as has been mentioned by pretty much everyone else in this conversation :+1:t2:

Hybrid Strength is, as it’s name suggests, a bit of hybrid experience-and you’ll actually see completely different adapt session options depending on what kind of session you are trying to adapt. When adapting a weights session, the options will be greatly limited compared to when you try to adapt a bodyweight session :+1:t2:

Likewise, a lot of the “extra” Coach settings that you see in your screenshots in the first post here, will only apply to the “Bodyweight” sessions (eg. Skill Progressions, No Sprints or runs etc etc). If you were doing a straight Weights Journey like your partner, you also wouldn’t see these.


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I asked the Reddit user to give me a screenshot. If not, I’m in the middle of a journey, this is going to be the first thing I screen shot the minute this is over, and I expect you guys to apologize then.
I believe this is a phone/user difference and not a journey difference. I have done many journeys, and never saw any setting and customization difference between those journeys.

Hey Onat,

I work for Freeletics, I hope I know what I am talking about here :sweat_smile: I can absolutely, 100%, confirm that this is the case.

The below articles might help give more information on the subject :point_down:t2:




One thing I would add to the above :point_up:t2:

I think all of us recognise that this isn’t ideal and that the training experience for some Athletes can feel constrained depending on the type of training that you are doing.


You better scan your employee pass Ben.
This is getting ridiculous :rofl:

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