Skill progressions blacked

Does anybody know why the skill progressions are blocked in the dumbbell gain journey? Or maybe I am just confused?

This has been asked on the Forum previously in a few places-it’s just the way it is designed.

This might help answer a bit :point_down:t2:



Thanks Ben. Still, I do not understand why it is designed in this way. In other words what’s the benefit of blocking skill progressions in the dumbbell gain journey. But okay, I can live with it

Hi @Ben hope I can ask my question here, doesn’t want to open a new topic for a single question :sweat_smile: It’s about skill progressions but not about blocked one in some specific journeys…
My TJ has progressions, but the Coach seems to shift from one to another and I’ve lost the ability to do an exercise because I didn’t practice it for a few weeks (in this case, Plank Hold for 60s as a step to Leg Raises).
Would it be better to ask for only one or two skills so that Coach focus on these ones until mastered, or keep the four ones?

Hey @Yanne, that’s totally up to you. If you want to focus on one skill first, deactivate the other ones. You can turn them one by one to active after mastering the actual one. That’s the way I did and still do.


Hi @melaLetics thanks for the fast reply! OK I better understand how it works - I’m gonna use your strategy instead :slightly_smiling_face: (and maybe work Plank Hold a little bit on my own :grin:)

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Always a good idea. If you have a pull up bar, try adding dead hang / passive hang, too. I do doth on a regularly base in the mornings - it doesn’t strengthen just your core respectively your grip strength, it’s helpful against back pain, too.

You mean, on my own? I do have a pull bar, but didn’t add it as available.
Btw many other progressions have appeared just this week (I’m at the end of my 2nd Start S., I guess that’s the reason). But there are a few skills that I never did and anyway the first step is already marked as mastered - for example, Shoulder Pullups as first step to Strict Pullups, even if I’m not supposed to have a pullup bar :person_shrugging:

Yes, I mean on your own. Using the Freeletics Coach doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to working on skills on your own beside the coach :blush: This could even give the coach some extra salt when tracking this extra work via Exercises on “Six Pack Menu”.

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