How to add any extra workout into the training journey session

Maybe it is clear to all but it took me a while to find out how to upgrade any training session with any single exercise, god workout, etc. The whole trick is not to tap on next at the end of warm up or any interval but tap on the android back button. It interrupts the training chain, I can do any other workout and then I can return to my unfinished training session. In my opinion it is a counter intuitive way. I think it would be more user friendly to have 2 buttons at the end of each interval. Next and Suspend.

I’ll just agree it is not clear. I didn’t realize it could be done until I read about it on this forum some time ago, and I’d used the app for a few years.


I’m playing around with the app so much that I knew about it pretty early but it’s not intuitive, no.

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