TJ Hybrid strength, exercises with plates in the intervals


I am writing on this point because in my opinion the user should be given the possibility to choose whether or not to use the plates during the intervals in the Hybrid strength TJ.

Not being able to choose to eliminate the plates, I am forced to perform bodyweight sessions at home instead of going to the park taking advantage of these sunny days.

The strange thing is that you can also deselect this tool from the coach settings but the plates exercises are still required.

The alternative is to use the “adapt” command and mark that I do not have the equipment but in this way the pull-up bar, the wall and all the rest are also eliminated, thus limiting the training. Or you can exclude the exercises one by one but these are continually replaced with other exercises with plates.

I therefore hope that the ability to exclude plates from inteevals will be introduced to improve the flexibility of Freeletics.

Thank you so much

Gian Luca

Xiaomi mi 9 lite, MIUI global 12.5.2, Android 11, now beta app v. 22.32.0 but this bug appears also in the stable release.


Thank you for your feedback.
Since this is not a bug, I have forwarded it to our Product Team.
Thank you for taking the time.

Best regards