"train quietly" includes Sprawls?

Hi Freeletics.

I live in an apartment. I want to avoid jumping exercises because I don’t want to annoy my downstairs neighbor, not due to any injury.

I’ve had the “train quietly” option checked for a while, and usually it’s fine, but today Coach gave me Sprawls, which have jumping. Is that intentional? Should I put Sprawls on my list of excluded exercises?


Hey Matthew, and a big welcome :wave:t2:

It’s not ideal but it can happen occasionally. This will only ever happen though if your training pool is exceptionally small-so usually an affected Athlete will be on 15 Minute Fitness and have every exclusion enabled (train quietly, no space, no runs & sprints). Another impact of having so many exclusions enabled, when it comes to God workouts, is Athletes will tend to get assigned the same 2-3 Gods.

The most effective solution, if you still really need to train quietly is to change your Journey if at all possible.