How do training journeys change when using quiet sessions?


After completing a few training journeys (strength and stamina, balanced burn and start strong (after a long break or coming back from an injury)) I was thinking about adjusting my training sessions to include more quiet sessions.

To give context, having the ability to set a session as quiet is an awesome feature. My neighbor from the lower floor is no longer complaining about my burpees. My kids don’t wake up when I train after they go to sleep. On addition, I do have cases where I can go out and have an outdoor session where I can do all the burpees and high jumps I want. Having the flexibility to adapt the sessions is super useful for me.

However, I do notice thy I’m doing less cardio focused excercises when I do quiet training sessions.

I’m wondering what’s the effect of having a lot of quiet sessions on the different training journeys. Assuming that I know I’ll have a good chunk of those, does it make more sense to pick certain journeys?

Thank you.

Hey Bugo :wave:t2:

It’s great to hear how this feature helps you train-that’s exactly the kind of scenario this was designed for :muscle:t2:

I think the main thing to consider when using the feature, is that for each exclusion you set in your Coach settings, you narrow down the possible pool of workouts that the Coach can assign you. So I think it’s absolutely fine to request a quiet session when you need to, but just bear in mind that obviously the variety of your possible workouts does decrease, and this further decreases for each additional restriction you might have.

With regards to the Training Journeys, you can expect certain jumping exercises in all of them-Burpees are the first thing that come to mind :sweat: What’s a Freeletics Journey without a Burpee after all :wink:

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Thanks Ben!

I’ll try to be more specific. Specifically, I’m now doing the balanced burn journey. I notice that if I change an “endurance” training session to quiet, it changes to a “strength” session.

My thinking is this: maybe, for the balanced burn journey it doesn’t make sense to have too many “strength” sessions. On that case, I won’t be getting the benefits of that journey. Or, I may be wrong and it’s fine.

I’m not thinking about specific exercises, but rather where the journey will take me eventually.


(Bugo is just a nickname :blush:)

Hi Noam,

For a more cardio-focused journey, I’d say stick to that type even if you need to request many quiet sessions. Cardio journeys should also have higher reps which can still make you break a sweat. Plus perhaps try to minimise the pauses to keep the workout going.

I was surprised that requesting a quiet session changed endurance to strength! The app might be too strict with what is considered quiet and so it ran out of options. Would your kids and neighbour tolerate some of the less loud cardio exercises? I am thinking that where burpees and high jumps may be too loud, some other exercises like for example mountain climbers, jumping jacks and jump squats (done softly) could be acceptable? If so, just an idea - manually exclude loud exercises and keep less loud ones instead of using the quiet session setting.

Hope that helps!