Training week off

I am going on a vacation and would not be able to complete the weekly workout. How do I pause the coach?

Just pause it :blush:
Your training will patiently wait. Or you train during vacation :innocent:

Thanks but where can I find an option to pause?

Anywhere: you just do a pause whenever you need it.
Except for an injury: in this case you should write to the support in order to pause your subscription as long as you are injured.

Keep in mind that taking a pause will cause the “week in a row” count (don’t know the English description as I use the App with German settings) to be reset to zero.
Why no training in vacation? (I even trained during my honeymoon :see_no_evil:)

Yeah, It’s a good idea to continue your training on vacation. Adjust your setting every day to limit the workout to 15 minutes and say you need an easier or much easier session. That way you aren’t working too hard (you are on vacation after all!) but you still get some movement in and will not notice as much of a loss of fitness as fully taking a week off.