Use of Protein Powders

Hey! I wanted to check your thoughts on using protein powders to complete protein requirements in a day. I’d like to understand if there is any specific difference between Whey Vs Plant proteins (like Pea protein). Being a vegetarian, I don’t have much options to fill up on proteins and using powders is convenient.

Rgds, Adi

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Hey Adi :raised_hands:

As someone who is living the veggie life as well it’s actually quite easy to get in enough protein. But a shake is convenient and fast, especially after a tough workout where you probably won’t eat in the next 30min where your muscle are longing for protein, energy, etc.

Here are some interesting blog posts about protein powder and veggie protein:


Thanks Mike, this is so helpful…

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As someone who enjoys eating multiple meals in a day, i find that a protein shake after my evening workout keeps me full for longer and keeps my energy levels up.

Is this still available to buy? I cannot find it on the shop.

Hey Laurin :wave:t2:

Unfortunately not :frowning_face: We’re no longer stocking any protein powders in our Essentials store. I’m sure someone will be happy to offer you some advice or recommendations though if you have any questions!