Vegan options beyond soy yoghurt and tofu

I am following the nutrition app’s recommendation for weight loss, but there are so few (sometimes none) vegan options, even when I click for more recipes. I have been eating around three different dishes for lunch for the past two weeks, or having to guess what to cook in place of the recommendation. I would suggest, first, to have a separate Vegan dietary requirement, and not mix it with Vegetarian; and also, to have a bit more variety for low carb, high protein vegan options.

Hi @oliverfrei97 and Welcome to this forum!
I also use the Nutrition Coach for around five years now and you are absolutely right: there are too less vegan/vegetarian options. And to be honest, I always recommend vegan people to not use the app. Since I use it, there weren’t any updates concerning recipes so I don’t expect one in the next years.
I often eat plant based and I do “veganize” or “vegetariaze” the recipes.

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To address this issue, I recommend providing your feedback directly to the developers or support team of the nutrition app. They are the ones responsible for implementing changes and updates based on user feedback. Most apps have a feedback or contact option within the app itself or on their website. By sharing your concerns and suggestions, you can contribute to improving the app’s offerings for vegan and low-carb, high-protein options.

I normally make mix oat meal with milk and protein powder ( 2scoops) made as slurry before mixing in hot oatmeal which will not cause lumps