Vegan options beyond soy yoghurt and tofu

I am following the nutrition app’s recommendation for weight loss, but there are so few (sometimes none) vegan options, even when I click for more recipes. I have been eating around three different dishes for lunch for the past two weeks, or having to guess what to cook in place of the recommendation. I would suggest, first, to have a separate Vegan dietary requirement, and not mix it with Vegetarian; and also, to have a bit more variety for low carb, high protein vegan options.

Hi @oliverfrei97 and Welcome to this forum!
I also use the Nutrition Coach for around five years now and you are absolutely right: there are too less vegan/vegetarian options. And to be honest, I always recommend vegan people to not use the app. Since I use it, there weren’t any updates concerning recipes so I don’t expect one in the next years.
I often eat plant based and I do “veganize” or “vegetariaze” the recipes.

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