No Star and no Feed

Hey there,

Yesterday I finished my workout and was able to share a summary at the end including a photo and I was able to comment on my workout. Today it did not work again. Additionally, I have no stars on my Gods workouts.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iOS 15.6
Beta 22.31.0
User ID 1484323


Hi Ela and everyone affected,
This bug has been reported and should therefore being fixed in one of the next updates.
Thank you for your patience!

@Sylvain unfortunately this (extremely annoying) bug is not fixed in version 22.32.00. In addition this also has an effect on sharing workouts in the community.

This problem is present for two weeks now and has fooled many athletes on numerous PB’s. Why not just roll back to version 22.29.00 where everything worked fine?


We understand and assure you that we are working with all our strength to solve the problem asap.

As soon as it is fixed, we will communicate it here in the forum.
Thank you for your patience.


And another problem, I have found today. The button “end training” on apple watch is broken:( I can finish my training only from phone. And It’s so uncomfortable.

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Hello Athletes,

Thank you again for your patience :wink:

Our team was able to find the cause and a fix has been deployed today. It is now available in the app store.

Regarding the past trainings, they will unfortunately not be retroactively modified. This will, however, not have a negative impact on future sessions that your coach will create.

We would also like to inform you that as a continuation of the changes that are currently being made to the app, the way in which a star is given will be modified in the near future.
A star is awarded for a workout performed with perfect technique, so it will be automatically awarded if you have performed the workout as assigned and if your feedback on the technique is appropriate. More information on this subject will be communicated in the coming weeks on our forum.


Hello there,

since 3 days I cannot share the workout again. There’s nothing to see on my Profile and the coach doesn’t ask if I want to share.