When can we see new exercises in the training journeys?

I see there are a lot of new exercises in the workout builder, when can we expect those exercises in the journeys?


This is so exciting!
I love to see the snatch and C&J being added! And that burpees over rower, that potentially means we will also see rowing intervals!

I don’t know if that means we will see them being intergrated in Journeys though, the dip has been an exercise available for a long time as a « single exercise » but I haven’t seen it in any of my journeys.


I agree, it would be great to have some of these in our journeys. Just checked my app, and there are a lot of exercises that don’t appear in my app, is it because I’m on iOS?


Hey @carlossantos , I think these « new » exercises are only displayed in the exercises selection when creating a custom workout, they are not available in the « single exercise » section.
I’m on iOS as well

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@TomG , thanks, had a look and they are there all there when creating a workout.

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Agree, love the app but the variety is what will keep me hooked. Would love to see these coming through to the main journeys

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