Only two workouts created this week

Hi all, hoping you can help me out! I have chosen a five day workout week, however this week, the coach has only created two. I am in week six of a 12 week running journey. Is this normal? It hasn’t happened before and I feel like it may be a glitch. Cheers, Kate.

Did you re-checked the coach settings? Which weekdays did you select and for which days coach days were generated?

And what journey do you do? There is no “x weeks” journey - there are just “x sessions” journeys (and an assumed amount of weeks when doing 3 or 4 workouts per week).
How many training sessions are already done? You can see this on coach tab, right upper corner.

Thanks! I have just realised that the weeks (in description) is an estimation. I may well be at the end of the journey as I did 5 days a week. Thanks a million for your help. Now to decide what to do next! If anyone has suggestions for the best running journey, let me know. Thanks again.

I couldn’t tell you what is the best running journey as I haven’t tried many.
I really liked HIIT and run journey as it had a good balance between running and HIIT workouts.