Self created training journey

Hi folks, hope you are having a great day.

After the self created workouts came to be, it got me thinking if it would be possible to go to the next level and create “self created TJ”.

I am not proposing a TJ that is totally self created because then “why would I be paying for the coach if I am doing everything myself”.

The idea I am proposing is to be able to tell the coach something like:

  • duration of the journey (maybe even infinite)

  • how would you like to workout: for example, if I train 4 times a week I would like the first day to be dumbbells for the upper body, the second day a bodyweight day with some skill progressions, an interval and a god workout, the third day dumbbells for the lower body, and the fourth day a running long distances day.

  • going with the duration item, how often would I like to have hell weeks.

  • other ideas you folks came up with.

I think this could have the benefits of the coach giving proper progressions in the ares you would like to train without having to be enclosed to the actual journeys which are more strict.

The idea came up to me because I like running, while also doing weights and skill paths but to do that with the coach I have to do dumbbell gain, then a running journey and then a bodyweight journey and it is less than optimal for that goal.

I would like to hear your opinions!



@Sdelgado that is a great idea!! I think Freeletics mentioned they were working on improving the training feature to have more option to train however you wanted. Hopefully that feature will be available soon and replicate your example.
I’d love to be able to tell the coach to have 1 barbell superset everyday and a God workout everyday. Some sort of CrossFit style Journey.

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I think that’s a great idea. I’d love to set a journey with at least one day running and otherwise more strength training. And also setting specific goals (like running a specific amount of kilometers or being able to do pushups etc)

There were two rumors that I heard a little over a year ago regarding new features in FL that they are working on and would achieve the same result. They are just rumors as far as I can tell, but would be fantastic if they are true.

The first is that FL is working to allow users to say which days they have access to which equipment as well as adapting any day for not having specific equipment rather than having to just go straight to no equipment if you are missing something. This would allow you to adjust your training days based on the equipment that you have available.

The second was that FL was working on letting users blend two journeys and dictate which days of the week they want to do each journey. So you could do Hybrid Strength on Mon, Wed, Fri and Run Further on Tue, Thu, Sat. This would let you dictate the type of training you do on each day.

While these two features would not be exactly the same as a fully custom journey, it would give most users the ability to customize their training without having to build a completely new feature and adjust their machine learning algorithms to handle custom training journey parameters (which would be very challenging and costly for them).

Would these, if the rumors are true, suffice for your needs? Is there anything else that you would want to see?


Again, just reiterating this. These were entirely speculation and rumors. But they seem plausible and would be a great addition to the FL system.