When you are sick

I just finished a training program. Unfortunately, I have gastroenteritis and my doctor recommended that I do not train intensively until it heals.
I would like to know if during this break period, I do not choose a new coach training program but I decide instead of training with equipment, for example a massage roll, or a small walk (free race ) It will count me as a training session which will be noted in my accomplishments under my profile, as well as consecutive weeks.

Hey @Yvan :wave:t2:

Sorry to hear you’re suffering with this.

So, Perfect Weeks and Perfect week streaks count the Coach sessions that you do as part of your Training Journey only, so any other training done on these days won’t count towards these accomplishments.

Please don’t let this prevent you from following the advice of your Doctor :+1:t2: It’s hugely important that you rest properly.