Why can I not login with my facebook account anymore?

I have an issue here logging with my facebook account.
I was logged out from app and now facebook does not appear in my login choices !
Can you please help ??
Note that I can’t access my previous facebook email anymore, its **************** I would like like to recover my account to my ios profile that i am logged from right now.
My subscription was paid until May 2025.

Help please, Thank you,
Mohamed Baligh HAMDI

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I would delete your Email address as this forum is a public one.


Okay thanks. Can anybody help please ?

I just received help… use your Facebook email address and click „forgot password“. It‘ll send you a new password and you‘ll be able to log in.

I don’t have access to my facebook email…

Can someone from support transfer my account to my ios account please ?
I am paying my subscription for nothing in this case….

I believe what @catharinalames is explaining is go to your freeletics app, type in your email address and click on I forgot my password. Then go to your email inbox and you should receive email from freeletics. Then follow the steps from email to set a new password.