Workout summary screen does not render if no connectivity

Hey so I train in my garage and quite a few times during my workouts the app doesn’t pick a signal but it updates eventually.

The issue I have is at the end of a workout. After the cool down series that completes the whole workout, if this happens, the app just bypasses the summary screen completely and goes back to the main screen in the coach tab.

This is an issue because the only way to share your workout in the community tab is from the summary screen. From the workout details, you can only share externally.

Adding the option for internal sharing in the workout details sounds like an easy win. Fixing the issue with the summary screen maybe harder but would be nice as well.

I’m on the latest Android version for reference. Not sure if this is also an issue on iOS or not.

Hey @jcmsalves , this looks like this bug:
OPEN - No summary of coach day - English speaking Forum / Bugs and technical support - Freeletics Forum

Could you please add to this thread?


Hey it definitely looks the same, thanks for pointing me there.

Quite the big thread though, I wonder if it will ever be fixed.

Just posted this there as well.

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