OPEN - No summary of coach day

-Description of every single step you made until you encountered this error-what did you do, what happened?

  • did a coach day
  • closed the coach day
  • no summary post to edit (write a comment or choose to not post option) was shown
  • no summary post in feed

-What is the brand and model of your mobile device? (for example iPhone 13 / Galaxy S21)

  • Google Pixel 5

-Which operation system is your device using? (for example iOS 13 / Android 11)
Android 13

-Which version of the Freeletics app are you using? (for example 6.37)

-Which language is your app set to?

-Which timezone/state/country are you in?

-What date and time did this problem occur?
11th September

Ah, that’s interesting-I have seen this behaviour on something else.

So I assume you completed the Cooldown, and essentially the session ended-so you didn’t see the equivalent screens below? :point_down:t2:


Same issue for me on iPhone and iPad using latest version available on App Store.

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Hey Olaf, and a big welcome :wave:t2:

Can you tell me what model iPhone you are using and the iOS version?


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Yes, I didn’t get the recap session screen.

Same issue here for my last Sunday’s session.
Samsung A52s 5G (SM-A528b/DS)
Android 12 (one UI version 4.1)
Freeletics 22.34.0
Language: English
Timezone GMT -4
The problem occurred at September 11, afternoon


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Ok, thanks everyone :+1:t2:

We’re looking at this and I think we know what the problem is, just be aware it might take a sprint or two to fix.


I have the same issue, happend the first time yesterday. Unfortunately, in my distress I updated the app so I had the

  • Beta version BEFORE version 22.39.0 on an
  • iPhone 12
  • iOS 16.0

I never had the issue before, so I’m a bit suprised that it happend on a Beta version that was stable and bug-free until yesterday. As I said: It happend BEFORE the update.