Yoga Apps Recommendations

Hey Athletes :wink:
Every morning i do some Yoga in my morning routine.
I would love to have an app for progress like freeletics but just for yoga. (or more yoga/stretching workouts in freeletics ;))

Is anyone able to recommend what i am looking for?

Not Yoga but mobility: gowod
I used it with a six month subscription and did good progresses concerning mobility.

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DownDog is supposed to be quite good as well.

+1 for GoWod! best app for mobility work

I tried Downdog and AloMoves and I loved AloMoves. It is more like video courses by yoga instructors. What I liked was that you could pick a particular course focused on building a particular skill. In my case, I did a couple of months of learning inversions, and it starts from the very basics like warming up and strengthening your fingers.