Ability to change effected body part and associated exercise for a session in Dumbbells' journey

Lets say I have a upcoming session on upper body but I have some soreness in my muscles related to it, so let me change the session to focus on lower body .

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Hi @Sushant, I believe you can exclude certain body parts when clicking on “Adapt session”.

Hi @TomG,

That’s not the most effective way. Let’s say I have Lower Body session in Dumbells Jouney and if I exclude legs from Adapt session, it gives a upper body session with no equipment’s :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I have found a workaround. You can take any of upcoming sessions scheduled in the next 7 days, this helps. ie. If today is Monday and its a leg session, go to Tuesday’s session which is going to be a upper body session and execute it.

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Hello ,
Last week I wrote to Freeletics Support about this problem. They have just replied saying that it is not possible to make this change with dumbbells, but they tell me to go through this community to expose it and see if there are more athletes with the same need and we can force them to incorporate it. By accessing I have seen your problem, so I see I’m not the only one. Let’s hope they incorporate it soon.

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@Mbik Thank you for the support, but there is a workaround for now. Check my reply to @TomG . :grinning: