Ability to pause timed exercises

I would like the ability to pause timed exercices, and to go back to a previous exercise. I’m amazed actually that this has not been added, this is a feature in almost every other fitness app.

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Hey @Pithpossum and welcome :wave:t2:

It’s not immediately clear but there is actually a “way” to effectively do this :+1:t2:

In the video :point_down:t2: I will pause a timed jump rope workout

Just one thing to note, this really only works if you have already downloaded the in-training videos. If you try to do this without the videos downloaded, it first downloads the video which can take a few seconds.


I had already discovered that possibilty, but like you say, it only works if you have downloaded the video already. So this is not really a solution. It also doesn’t allow you to go back to the beginnening of an execise, or go to the previous exercise.

Frankly, this shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. Just make it so that a long press pauses the exercise and brings up buttons to go back to the beginning of the execise or to the previous exercise.

You get to the previous excercise by swiping from left to right.

I really don’t think anything like this is hugely necessary to be honest. Are you not able to just prioritise your workout for 10-20 minutes? Why would you want to pause midway through getting a sweat on, and then have to get back in to it after a break?

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I don’t see any need for this feature in general.
I’m just thinking of Kerberor or Erebos, where you have static exercises that go on for time. Either you can keep it in time or you can’t. In this case, “pausing” would simply be wrong.

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This is only possible for repetition-based exercises, not for time-based ones.

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Lots of possible reasons:

  • I did not manage to assemble the required equipment in time or did not get in position in time
  • I realise I was doing the exercise wrong and want to start over again
  • One of the kids comes screaming they need my immediate attention

I would not be using the pause button to ‘cheat’, but because I cannot continue the execise for whatever reason (see above).

It’s not about cheating either. Example Kerberos: Children interrupt you when you plank (you break off because of external influences, not because you can no longer). But you are a professional at planking, so you resume the workout after the interruption (even if the x seconds have already passed and the plank switches are on). The running time is displayed and I trust every athlete to be able to add the desired time to the running stopwatch - especially since at Kerbero you have a lot of time to calculate (And if you are not entirely sure about the time, you will not give yourself a star at the end of the worktout).
A pause function would simply be wrong here. But as of today, there are no two consecutive time-based exercises in a God workout. With intervals and non-static exercises, I am completely with you.

Edit: I’ve just tested it: in workouts, as long as the time-based exercise is still running, you can restart it at any time by swiping back to the exercise before and starting over again. So in case of an interruption while doing a God Workout, you can swipe back and restart the exercise when ready.

My problem is indeed with consecutive time based exercises in workouts, not God Workouts. For example in the warmups or cooldowns, or in the Dumbbell Quick HIIT workout (among others).

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These aren’t Workouts using the Freeletics Wording. These are called Intervals. It’s just wording but make things clearer to understand. :blush: