Replace Excercise And Feedback with Numbers (Feature Request)

Can you add the feature of changing with a different version of the desired exercise on the training preview screen? (I’m not talking about excluding certain exercises or changing the difficulty level because changing the difficulty completely changes the workout)

In addition, the app will be much better if the feature of entering the result information with numbers rather than the difficulty level is added during the training.

Last wish: It would be great to add a graph where the number of repetitions or training volume of the exercises performed can be seen by date.

That is all for now.

Wish you health and strength you all dear freeletics team and all the athletes…

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I really tried but I don’t understand what you mean.
Do you mean the ability of increasing or decreasing of repetitions of a skill improvement or of an exercise in an interval?

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yeah I mean that. and the feature of configuring the next workouts according to these repetitions.

I also would love to see this!

I often disable the pullup bar because I got intervals with more than 100 repetitions on the bar. After this I can’t even touch the bar without pain and have to disable the pullup bar for the rest of the week.
It would be nice if I could keep the coach session but with less of that specific exercise.


Thank you for your answer. I hope they consider our suggestions.