How to do a good feedback to the coach?

Hello, I have some questions about the feedback to the coach.
Actually, after 7 weeks of training, the coach doesn’t give me good training. I don’t know if it’s a bug, or if I give wrong feedback.
For exemple, last thursday, I had to do 4 x 8 dragonflags in my interval, but I couldn’t do it. At the end of the interval, I said I couldn’t make one of the exercice correctly, and I selected the dragonflags. But the day after, the coach gave me an interval with 3 x 16 dragonflags… Why ?
From the start of my journey, I didn’t make any pull-up. The only exercice the coach give me is always passive hang. For seven weeks, I only do passive hang, is it normal ? I don’t know what to do to make it change. If I say it was easy, and I could make all the exercices correctly, nothing change. Is there a way to say one exercice was to easy ?
Generally, in an interval, there is some exercices too easy, and some too difficult, what should I say to the coach ? It was too easy, or it was too difficult ?
I think at the end of the interval, we should be able to give feedback for each exercices, not for all the interval.
Thank you for yours advices, because now I really get bored of Freeletics. I like very much the app (nice app, lot of exercices, lot of options…) but now I don’t know what to do… It really looks like the app give the exercices randomly, without logic…

I often hear this from new users. The coach will be better tailored if he “knows you better” (more data).
If you are able to do some exercises like pull-ups but the coach does not assign them to you, you can train the coach by selecting them via Explore Tab and do them. This was the way I told the coach I was able for doing pull-ups.
Concerning intervals you give feedback first for intensity in general and then for technique. I’m not sure if the algorithm is that adaptive by this feedback options as it is by the feedback for exercises or god workouts.
As solution you could disable the Dragonflags as exercise and re-enable them in a couple of weeks. Or choose them via Explore Tab and give the feedback you weren’t able to do a single one.

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Thank you for the advice, I will try to do pull-ups via Explore Tab…
But it should be the coach’s job…

I have the same problem with dragonflags. No matter how many times I keep saying I can’t do them, the app keeps adding them to my sessions.

I understand your problem. However, if the coach keeps adding exercices you cannot do, it is only because you have not selected them to exclude them. Try to follow this:

  1. On “Coach”, tap on the gear sign (at the very top right), the sign of settings.
    2)You should have on the list Days, Equipment, Excluded exercices, etc. Tap on the Excluded exercices.
  2. On the very top right of your mobile screen, you can search your exercice you want that the coach avoid in the future to ask you to do: ex. Dragonflags
  3. Tap Dragonflags, and then select the black circle. It should turn in blue with a sign OK.
  4. Tip on the Go Back button (the very top left).
  5. Do not forget to tip on the Update, down on the screen.

“Freeletics recommend that you include as many exercises as possible in your Training Journey in order to get the most varied and comprehensive training experience. The idea of excluding an exercise should therefore only be used as a last resort - when you feel an exercise is hindering your progress.”

As I have french on my app, I had to translate but I think you should find it. Good luck

That ist exactly the behaviour I expect from (any type of) coach. If I am not able to do an exercise, it should give me this to practice, increasing the amount time after time. Is there still no progress, than scaling down to another exercise. We want to be challenged, don’t we?
With a non AI coach this would be a conversation like:
Coach: “Are you able to do twenty muscelups?”
Me: “Hell, no!”
Coach: “What about ten?”
Me: “Still the same: hell no!”
Coach: “Five?”
Me: “Nope.”
Coach: “One?”
Me: “No way”.
Coach: “Ok, try them assisted.”
Having an AI Coach, the “conversation” needs a bit longer but has the same pattern.

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Thank you Pithpossum, I am not alone !! :sweat_smile:

What is the meaning of the feedback if I have to exclude myself the exercice ???

When I say I can’t do an exercice, the coach should understand I can’t do it, and so he should give me an easier exercice until I become stronger to be able to do the first exercice, exactly like melaLetics says.

Yesterday I had to make 8 strict pull-ups for the strict pull-ups technique (thanks for your advice melaLetics, I did 5 pull-ups via Explore Tab and now I have some pull-ups in my workout :wink: ). Well I couldn’t make them (after 7 weeks witthout have made any pull-ups, of course I become weaker, thanks Freeletics :frowning: ). So I said to the coach I couldn’t make them without rest. And so what ? The coach give me again 8 strict pull-ups to do the day after…
Really ?? If I can’t do an exercice one day, is it possible I can do it the day after ?? Of course not !!!
So what should I do ? Exclude the pull-ups too ?

But it is always like that, I give some feedback after a workout, and always it looks like the coach doesn’t understand anything. One time I had 4x8 dragonflags to do, I said I couldn’t make it and I had to change the exercice, the day after the coach give me 3x16 dragonflags… Is it a joke ?

And it’s the same with the PB… Since I started my journey (7 weeks ago), I have made 33 workout, and the coach asked me 22 times to make a PB for knee/legs wipers… I really get bored of the knee/leg wipers, so I excluded them. But why I should do this ? What is the reason to always ask me to do these exercices ? Sometime I have to make them everyday (monday, tuesday and wednesday…). There is so much different exercices, why always the same ?

Actually, it looks more like there is not really a coach… Or a very bad coach…
Well I am very disappointed…

Except that’s not what happen.
The coach doesn’t give less rep to do, and doesn’t give easier exercices.
When I said I couldn’t do 4x8 dragonflags, the day after he give me 3x16 dragonflags to do… Is it easier ? And also, why give me again dragonflags to do the day after ??? No rest ??

I always heard you should go slowly, not too fast. The first time I had to do dragonflags, it was 48 dragonflags. When you do an exercice for the first time, is it serious to ask you to do so many reps ? Specially if you didn’t mastered the technique.
You should start small to become high, not the opposite…

We are talking about different parts of training. I meant the skill improvements not the intervals. Sorry, I should have clarified this in my post before.

Back to the pull-ups: did you gave the feedback you wasn’t able to do the eight without break or not all with proper technique?

A year ago, I had One Handed Pushups as skill improvements. 20. Absolutely (still) undoable for me. It took some sessions and the coach reduced from 20 to 16 to 10 to 8 to 5 to 1 and finally to Archer Pushups. Yes, it is so fucking frustrating facing an exercise I am really not able to. But I guess the algorithm takes into account that one day I can do a specific exercise and the other day not (depending on my daily condition, weight, feelings and so on) and give some additional tries.

Sometimes we have to do PBs on a specific exercise again and again. That’s boring. Absolutely. I’m totally with you.
But to be honest: this behaviour has improved my Split Lunges a lot during the last month’s. :innocent:
And I really, really hated it (and still do).
When I observed correctly, the “Beat your PBs exercises” are the exercises I am very slowly in during intervals (at least in my case).

Well I was talking about both of them.
Yesterday I couldn’t make 8 pullups for the skill improvement. So the coach asked me to do it again today. Of course I couldn’t make it. So guess what… I will have to do it again tomorrow… What is the meaning of this??? Will I have to do it everyday until I succeed?
If I can’t do an exercice, why I don’t train for 2-3 weeks and after I try it again? I shouldn’t have to try it everyday…

My feedback for the pull-ups was I couldn’t make it without break.

For the first time you had to do One Handed Pushups, you shouldn’t have to do 20 reps…
When I see this, it looks like there is two coaches, one for the intervals and one for the skill, and they don’t exchange any informations between them…
Normally, if you look the exercices and the reps of your intervals, you should guess if you can or not do an exercice. If the most difficult exercice in your interval is normal Pushups, of course you can’t do One Handed Pushups. Or if you can, it mean you interval is too easy for you…

It’s good if you could improve your Split Lunge with the PB… But what if you didn’t care to improve it?
I want to train all my body, not one part of it. And if I want to improve one part specifically, I should be able to choose it myself. It looks like a lottery…

Well I want to improve my Pushups, but the coach decided to improve my Leg Wipers, too bad…

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Yes that’s boring… To train should be fun, not boring… And this app make training boring, not fun…
It looks the app became worst than 4 years ago when I used it at first time.