Add Warm Ups & Cool Downs to Self-selected Workouts


I’m on a weights training journey, however I recently travelled home where there are no weights to use, so I brought the Freeltics mat with me to do some God workouts instead. Since I’m selecting these workouts manually there is no warm up or cool down that the coach would normally create for you if it was on a training journey.
I think a good feature to have would be the option to have a warm up and cool down added to self-selected workouts. Afterall the Freeletics blog and emphasises the importance of doing stretching!

Let me know your thoughts.


There are some nice warmups and cooldown :wink:

It would be easier if the coach could build the warm ups and cool downs for self-selected workouts. There are only a few options in those warm-ups and cool-downs, and only of each for a full-body workout. It would make better use of the coach algorithm if it could build a warm-up and cool-down for whatever workout is being selected (i.e. the coach will create a list of stretches to target the areas being trained rather than the user selecting a generic warm-up and cool-down each time).