Adding weights to Weight Free Gain Journey

Hi there,

I’m doing one of my consecutive Weights Free Gain Journeys at the moment, and as I see now we could add weights to Weights Free Gain Journey now (such as Dumbbell or Kettlebell).

I like this feature much and I added my dumbells as equipment on Coach Settings.

My question starts at here, I could not inform the Coach about; how many kilograms does my dumbells weighted?!?

So Coach is giving me dumbell exercises, but It does not know the weight of my dumbells.

Could you please fix this?

Regards and Have a nice day!



Hey again Altunc :wave:t2:

Excellent! Really pleased to hear that you like it :+1:t2:

So this behaviour is not a technical bug, it is entirely expected, and so there isn’t really anything to “fix” at the moment. This is the first iteration of Dumbbell/Kettlebell integration in to the app so there are other things that we want to work on in the future here, and the ability to specify the weight is probably going to be one of those things.



I think, that’s another explanation to my question!:+1:

So, the coach will soon begin suggesting the weights in all journeys, is it? I hope it happens soon as I am having a similar experience where the Coach isn’t suggesting the dumbell weights for the workouts in my Start Strong journey.

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Hey Ben, you have any update on this?

Hey Mica :wave:t2:

Nothing yet unfortunately-as soon as we do, you can be sure we’ll let you know :+1:t2:

Sorry I don’t have more positive news on this particular topic :slightly_frowning_face:


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