Coach not specifying dumbell weight

Hi folks. I have recently started a program and after the first week I ordered a set of variable dumbbells from 3kg up to 20kg. Added the spread of available dumbbell weights into my profile and coach updated my program but the annoying part is that it’s not specifying what dumbbell weight I should be using when completing an assigned exercise with dumbbells. It just specifies dumbbells when I have one of 7 options (weights) to choose from. Any ideas how to get it to specify an actual weight as opposed to guessing what I should be using?


Hi @zvkfnd79zy and welcome to the forum!

The coach will only assign weights in the Dumbbell journey.
I am not 100% sure about the reasons.
I think it is because during an intervals, weight would be too difficult to predict as it would depend heavily on the others exercises.

Currently, the coach will assign the weights in the Dumbbell journeys, but will not in a body weight journey with dumbbells added as an equipment.


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Thanks for the reply @TomG. It seems to defeat the purpose of AI personal training if it is not specifying what you should actually be using. Is there a way to provide this as feedback to Freeletics so they can improve the user experience? I don’t see a way to communicate with Freeletics apart from posting questions here on the forum.



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We do track sentiment like this :point_up:t2: and it’s not the first time it’s been requested. I would add that we do want to move to a point where the Coach does support this, and that the kind of training that you do isn’t constrained by the type of Journey you’re on. It’s something that we are actively working on :+1:t2: