Record Dumbbell weight during journey exercises

I have a new adjustable Dumbbell. All weight options have been added to my equipment list. During the journey some exercises require dumbbells, but it doesn’t state a weight to select which the Coach will increase in the future, nor can I manually record the weight (like add diary note) so that I can increase myself the next time if suitable.
Can with function be added?


I guess you are doing a bodyweight journey and the coach is adding weighted exercises?
For that scenario, there will be never a weight as you are allowed to use whatever you think is suitable.
Coach can add these exercises in various ways so the weight selected would be complex I suppose.

So if you’re doing a journey with weights, it keeps track of the weight?

Why not? You cant progress this way.

I started weights-free gain, but with an adjustable Dumbbell purchased since the start I’ve added these and they have been included by the coach.

But with usual gym weight training a dairy can be kept to keep me on track and monitor progression, but with the lack of ‘previous weight used’ or ‘suggested weight’ it’s hard to track and ensure reps can be hit with correct weight selected.

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Exactly, that’s what I think the app needs

On a bodyweight Journey, your focus is not increasing your PR in an equipped movement plus there is no introduction in complex movements like Turkish Get up or Front Squats.
I guess that’s why there is no suggestion for the weights when getting weighted exercises and the athlete should take the weight being comfortable with.

It does.

As I wrote, there must be a good reason and I can only believe it’s incredibly complex.
If you have an arm interval and weighted arm training included it’s a different story than leg focused with weighted arm exercises on top. Rounds play a role in that to and previous workouts. You can make that topic even more complex.

I try the weight before and even change it, if I think it’s to much or less.

Hi all. Thanks for the feedback. Next journey I’ll find one to utilise the Dumbbell.