"Adjusting Weight Selections for Hybrid Olympic Bar Workouts"

How should I proceed if, during my hybrid program with the Olympic bar, I am asked to use a 27.5 kg disc for the abdominal exercise, but I only have discs up to 20 kg?

I was just doing a few more reps with the 20kg when I had that problem. I just bought some adjustable dumbbells up to 32kg and so now I am just using them instead of the plates. It would be a good idea to be able to tell the coach what weight plates we have available. It would even be a great feature if we could tell coach what bar and weight plates we have so he could automatically tells us the plate combination we should put to achieve the desired weight during the journey. Most other weight training apps do that for you, should be easy to implement.

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Hi @hawheelhawheel , nsnown has a good idea here, don’t feel like you have to use plates, you can substitute the plate with dumbbells or kettlebells, or even adjust the weight to the closest one you have available.