Plate weight increments

Add the ability to tell coach the weight increments available for plates.

I’ve been on the barbell journey for a few weeks now and I’m forever having to change the weights because I can’t make up the total. More so when it’s the plate based exercises, without the bar.

I’d like to be able to tell the coach what weights I have so it can combine them so I can always use the weight it’s telling me. Just like you can with dumbbells.

If there’s an intentional reason behind this difference I’d love to understand it because so far it’s very frustrating!

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Good input, I agree. I am just about to order a plate and wondered the same thing. I’m not that strong, so I might get only a 10kg one. Not sure if I need several or if coach will adjust easily to the weight.

Hi, thanks for your feedback! Regarding the weights for plate exercises, we have an article on our Help Center that explains this feature in a bit more detail:

What weight should I use for my dumbbell, kettlebell and plate exercises?

Please always give your Coach feedback so that it can adjust to your current fitness level!

If you’re planning on doing a barbell journey you will without a doubt you’ll need more than one plate. Plus a barbell….

If it’s just to expand exercises you can do then one to start is a good place to begin. The guide linked by Lara is a good starting point.

Although you might find as I did with the kettlebell journey and only one kettlebell coach will just increase the amount of time you do a single exercise until you’re feeling silly. (Nearly 3mins of swinging a 10kg kettlebell will begin to destroy anyone’s joy for the exercise)

I digress, hope this is helpful in some way :smile: