Metric measure of plates

Hi. I am using metric measures and app suggests weights such as 7.5kg or when using plates in exercises. But such weights do not exist. There are 5, 10,15,20kg generally. So I have to figure out muself which weight to use, but it goes both ways for example if app says using 7.5kg it can be downgraded to 5kg or upgraded to 10kg, so it sometimes causes confusion.

In general, 7.5 or 15KG plates do exist. They are normal olympic weightlifting weights.

I never did the Barbell Journey. Do you have to tell the coach which plates do you have?

I will try to check. Thanks.

Hi @alexander.kartkhia , if you are talking about an exercise using a single plate, you can substitute that plate with a dummbell of the same weight if easier to find.

Thanks. I did not know that. Thank you for advising.