Android watch app and data trending


I’ve been using Freeletics off an on for a couple years now, but recently have gotten more consistent with it! Freeletics has been a great part of my health journey.

There are two things that would really help me with the app.

(1) An Android watch app. Just something simple to let me know what excersice I’m doing and let me go to the next excercise. It will help me not be so tied to my phone during workout (which can be distracting). If it has features such as heartbeat and calorie as well, that would be cool… But not necessary.

I see this especially useful for the running journeys. I have not done any of those… But I prefer to leave my phone at home when running or sprinting.
Gps would be often with that, to tell how far I’ve ran and when it’s time to stop.

(2) data trending! Unless I take my own notes it’s hard to see my progress. It’s not easiest to go through my old post either.
Reps and weight on a certain excersice over time

How much weight lifted over time (for journeys with weights)

Or time spent excercising in a month over time.

It would be able to look back over a journey or over the past few years and see how far I’ve come.


I agree. Running with a cellphone in the pocket is impossible. Im trying to find which watch is the most recommended - apart of apple stuff - but i cant find much suggestions. Makes me think about changing to a different app sometimes.

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I agree with this a lot.
Unless writing down progress I would be lost within the app.
A nice feature would be to have a progress section for the most basic/important exercises to see how you are progressing with them eg.

  • List of dates and time used to complete.

I agree…to both. Data would be a huge help. Even an option to export the data would be helpful.